• Webinar: Blockchain for Business – Design and Deploy your Own App

    When: Tuesday, May 28

    Time: 14:00 CEST

    Hosts: Jiri Broulik and Richard Felkl – Blockchain Experts at KompiTech

    As a bonus, all the webinar attendants will be granted with a FREE, $1000-worth access to KompiTech MANBLOCK – simply enquire below to create your FREE account now.*

It’s Time to Get Ahead of Your Competition

Did you know that as little as 0.5% of the world’s population was using blockchain technology in 2018? As many companies do not realize the benefits of a distributed ledger, there is plenty of room for your business to take on new technologies and gain an edge on the competition.

Why Should You Attend Our Webinar?

Managing the lifecycle of blockchain applications of Hyperledger Fabric networks is a barrier in the current stage of enterprise blockchain applications. This could be certainly problematic for businesses who have no previous experience or knowledge of how to build and deploy their own blockchain applications – and we’re here to help.

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Jiri Broulik

Blockchain Expert at KompiTech

Working as DevOps and Software Engineer of Blockchain applications at KompiTech, Jiri’s main focus lies in OpenSource Blockchain technologies including Hyperledger and Kubernetes.

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Richard Felkl

Blockchain Expert at KompiTech

Working as Software Engineer of blockchain infrastructure and Blockchain Application Developer at KompiTech. Richard’s main focus lies in cloud native deployments on Kubernetes.

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During our webinar you will

  • Get introduced to MANBLOCK, KompiTech blockchain platform for the latest enterprise blockchain technology.
  • Get a professional yet easy-to-digest guide of how to run blockchain network and apps using KompiTech MANBLOCK including a how-to demo on designing and deploying your first blockchain application

  • Learn how KompiTech MANBLOCK automated the lifecycle management of blockchain application running Hyperledger Fabric framework.
  • Familiarize yourself with the technical side of blockchain technology including managing channels, organizations, inviting suppliers and customers as participants to your blockchain network.

  • Learn easy-to-implement tips and tricks on blockchain application development brought to you by leading blockchain technology experts.
  • Receive real-time expert support from leading blockchain developers.